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Moon Bears & Animals Asia

I recently discovered the Animals Asia organization.
Which led me to discover the beautiful Moon Bears.
Jasper @ Animals Asia Sanctuary

(Jasper at the Animals Asia sanctuary in China.)
Which led me to discover the vile bear bile industry.


(A Moon Bear in the cage he has lived in all of his life.)
Which is cruel and inhumane.

It was a story about six bears rescued by Animals Asia in early January 2013 from an illegal bear bile farm in China that caught my attention. It has been marvelous reading about Mac, Katie, Peter, Shamrock, Budda & Xuan Xuan as they were rescued and received life changing surgery.

They were recently transferred, from their isolation room and cages, into their new dens. It was incredibly moving to see them take their first steps onto solid ground. They had spent all their lives standing (if they could) on the steel bars of their cages which greatly affected the pads of their paws. They are now only a short time away from stepping onto soft grass for the first time.

Peter Bear (named after British actor and Animals Asia Ambassador Peter Egan) spent his life in a cage that was much smaller than his body. The muscles in his back legs lack tone and strength but will get better under Animals Asia’s amazing care. When he was introduced to his den, his body strained and shook as he scrambled around the space but he valiantly clambered up to his new bed to stretch out for the first time in his life.

Peter Bear high up in his bed
(Peter Bear stretching out in his bed.)

Animals Asia was founded by Jill Robinson to rescue and rehabilitate the bears after she discovered the horror of the vile bear bile farms. The bears are kept in tiny “coffin” or “crush” cages and their gall bladders are milked for bile that is used in traditional medicine. She has built teams in Vietnam and China to rescue and care for the bears, and has forged agreements with both governments that allows Animals Asia to do this work.

Due in large part to the education arm of Animals Asia, many people in China and Vietnam, and around the world are speaking out against the bear bile industry.

Help shine a light on this despicable industry.

It will be one of the better things you can do in this world.

To learn more about Animals Asia, the bears and the horrific bear bile industry, go to: http://www.animalsasia.org or their facebook site:  http://www.facebook.com/AnimalsAsia?fref=ts

See Peter Egan’s visit to his namesake and an amusing video as he feeds treats to Karel Bear.

Support Animal Asia’s work, donate if you can, and follow @peteregan6, @moonbearjill & @animalsasia on twitter to keep up with their latest news.

2013 is going to be a great year for the bears.

(Photos of Jasper and Peter Bear are the property of Animals Asia.)


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