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Sweet Borko

I circled this story for awhile.

Sweet Borko hurt in Bulgaria.  In the village of Selcha (Селча), Municipality of Devin, District of Smolyan in Southern Bulgaria.

I knew it would be about a horrific case of animal abuse.  I just didn’t want to go near the details.

I finally hit on a link to petition the Bulgarian government about the abuse this sweet dog named Borko suffered.


And I thought my head would explode.  And my heart took another hit.

Whatever the agenda or back story was, it doesn’t matter, a little dog shouldn’t be beaten and have his spine broken over your agenda.

How does the man who beat Borko explain it to his wife, husband, parent, or any other relative?  I’ve never been able to puzzle that out.

I picture a scene in a kitchen with the man sitting at the table, bent over his plate as he shovels food into his mouth with a spoon clutched in his fist.  Possibly using a bib.

“Dear, what is that on your pants?” 

(Man grunts) “Just some blood, I beat a small dog today with a bat.  Broke his spine.”

And then what?  Does everybody slap him on the back and congratulate him?   I picture him throwing out his chest and strutting.  Does he receive a plaque from the village mayor?

I don’t know what the “I broke a dog’s spine” etiquette is these days, especially in Europe.  A small gift, a bottle of wine?

I tend to lean towards shackles, cement overshoes and a close at hand body of deep water.  I think it would fall under modern etiquette rather than traditional, but you could check.

I don’t know how these people’s brains work.  I don’t want to know.  I just don’t want them to breathe the same air as I do.

This man and that mob don’t represent Bulgaria or his village.  There will be more people there that care about Borko than this man, but unfortunately this is the news out there about Bulgaria.  It is, though. up to the Bulgarian people and government to put the resources in place so that animals have protection.  As a member of the European Union, the government agreed to protect animals.  I hope they do so.

Please sign the petitions.  If you pray, please pray for Borko.  If you believe in positive thoughts, please send them to Borko.



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