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….who have children need to realize that their children and their children’s friends can access the media.

I’ve grumbled about celebrities lack of self-censoring for awhile, but silently.  However, Michael Douglas’ statement that he got throat cancer because of oral sex was just too much.

It isn’t that he shouldn’t necessarily talk about it but does he ever focus on repercussions, think things through?  You think you had it tough on the playground because your father was goofy or your parents had the wrong type of job?  Or you were poor or too rich?  Imagine Michael Douglas’ children staring down a kid making fun of their father talking about oral sex.  And did he get cancer from their mother?

Oral sex or the HPV virus might be a contributing factor in throat cancer but so are alcohol and smoking which Mr. Douglas says he did as well.  Perhaps Mr. Douglas felt it was best to talk about it as a public service?  I don’t think his children will thank him.

Nicole Kidman is another one; she whines on and on at various times about Tom Cruise.  Does she have a movie coming out?  Okay, drag out the Tom Cruise stories.  Does she not realize that she has re-married and has two children that are Scientology free?  And young though they may be, they will be able to google at some point and see what mummy has said.  If an interviewer asks, isn’t it possible to say, “that was the past and I’m not going to talk about it”?

Sean Penn stated that he doesn’t think he was ever loved.  Way to slag everyone in his life.  His ex-wives were probably shaking their heads and his children were probably hiding theirs.  He just makes me want to say here’s the wood and the nails, sir, you know what to do.

Those are just a few of the celebrities spilling their guts in the media.  It is their right to do so, but I wish they’d think of someone else besides themselves in the moment.  May not be possible in this day and age.  I wish they would just quietly talk to a therapist and work things out there, instead of in public.  Their children would probably thank them and it would save on the children’s future therapy bills.

There are so many “celebrities” who go about their work, on the stage, in movies & television, in sports, etc. without needing to rattle on about everything in public.  They usually support good causes in understated ways as well.  I admire their discretion.  To the rest I just want to say, please think of your children before speaking.  Thank you.


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