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Calgary Strong

Calgary, Alberta has undergone a very difficult time.  The flooding was very destructive and it will take a long time to recover from the damage.  The citizens have pulled together to help each other through this difficult time.  Their initial focus has been stripping out the damaged parts of their homes and businesses, and starting to rebuild.  It has been very stirring to hear of the volunteers getting out to help.

It would make any city proud except for the fact that they are working in overdrive to get the grounds ready for the annual animal torture fest known as the Calgary Stampede.  I thought maybe, for one year, at one site, animals might not be tortured; maybe the people of the city would replace it with something positive.

But apparently they feel the need more than ever to dig spurs into a horse’s flesh so they are covered with gore.

“I think more Calgarians are going to go this year because they want to say they went this year, because they have Calgary pride,” said Cliff Steedman, quoted on canada.com.

Pride in snapping a little calf’s neck with a rope, heaving the calf on its’ side and tying up its feet?  A 150+ lb. man against a maybe 25 lb. calf?  A baby taken away from its’ mother and tortured?

Nothing screams pride in Calgary more than torture apparently.

Pride in whips that cut into a horses’ flesh because it isn’t running fast enough; ropes (again with the ropes) tied so they cut into an animal’s genitals to make the animal buck harder.

Wait, what kind of blog am I writing?  Should I be doing an expose on S&M and bondage at the stampede?

Do you suppose the guys (and gals perhaps) get a little tingle in their crotch when they see what the ropes do to the animals genitals?  Is there a waiting list to do this job?  Are bribes being paid to have the first chance?

Do parents know what is going on behind the scenes as they trot in with their innocent children?

As I’ve demonstrated there are too many unanswered questions right now to fully expose the BSM culture at the Calgary Stampede.  Would the dominatrix in the city care to comment?  Anyone interested in doing a thesis?  A psychologist to do an in depth analysis [there is serious symbolism here]?  Perhaps a royal commission?  Reality show?  The CBC presents….

Ah well, the developing story of the under culture of BSM at the Calgary Stampede aside, it is still a gory animal torture fest that nobody should feel pride about.

Calgary strong, meh.


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