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Royal Canin &Animal Cruelty

The international Royal Canin pet food company supports bear baiting and animal cruelty, and they got caught.

Bear baiting is a cruel “sport” where dogs are provoked to attack a bear that has been rendered defenseless by being restrained, and usually having its teeth and claws removed.

Earlier this week when Four Paws International condemned Royal Canin’s participation in a bear baiting event in the Ukraine, Royal Canin went the typical corporate route of warding off bad publicity. They denied, denied, denied. Then they claimed they didn’t know what was happening at the Royal Canin-sponsored event and they had been duped.  Then they blamed the Ukrainian branch of the company.

I sent an email to Royal Canin Canada expressing my utter anger and got back three emails (one in German) full of styrofoam words.

The consumer affairs department reiterated some of what I had already read on the internet:

  • “they were “horrified and upset”
  • “they would be “changing policy” so it “didn’t happen again”

But of all the words they used to cover their collective rear ends, there was not a word about the bears or at a minimum, the dogs.

Both are victims in this. The bears are controlled by three heavy chains so they can be yanked in any direction or pulled off their feet during an attack. The dogs are tortured to be driven to attack. The sickening “game” goes on all day with fresh dogs sent in every ten minutes against a lone bear.

While the company indicated that every employee was horrified and quivering in their cubicles, their PR departments couldn’t spare one word for either the bears or the dogs.

Not one word for the sentient beings who are being tortured to death by this cruelty. Does Royal Canin only care about cute and fluffy puppies? Who, by the way, are thrown to the dogs in training so that they can acquire a taste for bear blood.

And their words about changing policy? What is the current Royal Canin policy? That if a bear is being choked by chains it’s okay as long as there are no dogs in the immediate area, as we must avoid the appearance of bear baiting?

Oooo, and after I told them I would no longer be a customer in any way, and l would inform as many people as I could about Royal Canin’s support of animal cruelty, they sent me coupons.

Seriously. How tone deaf are they?

I was totally incensed by all of this.

The head office blaming the local branch was lame on one hand. But on the other hand I have never attended a sponsored event that hasn’t had a representative onsite. I know bear baiting/killing goes on in many parts of the world and definitely in the Ukraine, but somehow Royal Canin representatives missed out on attending this particular marketing event.

They missed the noise, the smell, the screaming, the blood, the death.

I woke up this morning to a Facebook posting from Four Paws International saying that Royal Canin has finally agreed to meet with them next Tuesday to discuss the issue. But that doesn’t mean that we should let up on the pressure.

To contact Royal Canin Canada, click “Contact Us” on this page, or hover over “Royal Canin Worldwide” to bring up your country and click through to the Contact page. Or, you can leave a message on one or more of their Facebook pages:

If your country is not above, type Royal Canin in the search box and pick your country and post a message. Please make your feelings known to them.

Heart up, people, and deprive Royal Canin of what it loves most – money – until it helps put an end to animal cruelty.

Oh, and according to Yahoo Finance Mars candy company owns 60% of Royal Canin so they should be hearing from you as well – here’s the contact form.


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