My 87 Year Old Aunt Does That

Takes pictures of food that is.

When I go to lunch or dinner with my aunt Charlotte, she whips out her camera and takes a picture of everyone’s food.  Not a picture even of the person with their food as you might expect from an elderly aunt, just their food.

I am bemused by this but I understand it is a trend among the trendiest.  Take a picture of your food and post it to your twitter or facebook or email it to your friends.  Imagine how thrilled they’ll be to see whatever.  Not even a special food arrangement as for a wedding but just the junk you’re eating for lunch.

I also wonder how trendy it would seem among the trendiest if they knew about my aunt.  She’s been taking food pictures for years.  Yet she has no twitter or facebook or email.  Her closest encounter with a computer to date was when she took a course at the seniors’ centre and learned to play solitaire.

When I say “camera” you are probably thinking digital or rather you are not thinking of a SLR with film.  Yes, she whips out her film camera and takes pictures of the food.

And when the film roll is full, she takes it to the photography store and has it developed.  Then she mails the picture of your food to you.

Not quite digital but the end result is the same.  I can’t understand for the life of me how this is trendy?  I’ll have to let her know that she is on the cusp of a trend.